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British Gas Commercial Electricity Rates

British Gas Commercial

British Gas is dedicated to serving its customers with the best possible service whether they are small, medium or large businesses. British Gas business offers a team of energy experts which will provide you with a tailored service to meet all your needs as a business. The team of professionals from British Gas aim to help you to reach the full potential of your business. British Gas aims to provide a service that can cause as little hindrance to your business as possible so they can deal with all your queries so you can get on with your business whilst they deal with your energy provision.

The team at British Gas is helpful with its positive and responsive attitude. They have an ability to keep information simple, by ridding the jargon and speaking in terms that are understandable to their customers. They have the skills and understanding to supply your business with the right help.

Great customer service

The team at British Gas Commercial knows how important energy efficiency is. It is important to them as a supplier as they have a responsibility to create a greener future and a way in which they can do this is to help businesses like yours to become energy efficient. The team will advise you with ways of reducing your carbon emissions.

British Gas is part of the Centrica Group and they are investing over £1.5billion in renewable projects.

Benefits of being with British Gas consist of receiving accurate estimates of how many savings your business could make. You could be provided with a personalised plan of how you could make real savings by making some small changes to your business and you can be offered incentives to encourage your employees to make small changes to help with your energy savings.

About British Gas Commercial.

British Gas is an established British based company. They pride themselves in the service they provide to their customers. British Gas already works with over 950,000 businesses across the country.

British Gas provides many different kinds of contracts for Businesses. They offer fixed contracts to ensure your business is not caught up in the unstable energy market and so that you can manage the rest of your budget. There is also an option for flexible contracts for those companies that want to take advantage of the fluctuating energy markets. Whichever contract you take with British Gas you can be sure it will be the right one for your business.

Services provided by British Gas Commercial

British Gas provide a boiler service –Every year, British Gas can check to ensure you boiler is working at a safe and efficient standard. They can also help to keep your Gas Safety Records up to date. They will fully inspect your boiler to ensure that it complies with the Gas Servicing installation & Use Regulations. They will carry out safety checks. They carry out tests on the performance and combustion as well as many other services is provided. All this is at a slight cost.

There is an agreement for unlimited call outs, so each time you need a repair or need report any issues you can without worry

British Gas provides a service within which, should you need it, parts and labor will be provided to fix and repair problems in line with current product terms and conditions. This service is provided for the 12 month contract for conventional heating systems including, boilers, radiators, pipe work and pumps controls and tanks.

British Gas can issue a Gas Safety Record after inspecting your boiler; they can also inspect up to 3 more mains gas appliances at your businesses premises.

Whether you need all these services or just a few, British Gas Commercial can help your business out at a small price.

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20th November 2013