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Cheap Business Electricity

For many companies, finding cheap business electricity is a priority. At a time when costs are rising and firms are counting the pennies more than usual, can you really afford to be paying over-the-odds for your energy?

Thankfully help is at hand - using an electricity comparison service such as Business Electricity Prices means you can rest assured that you are getting a fair deal on your energy.

This easy to use service could save you more than you think on your electricity bills - all by filling in a simple form on our website.

Which electricity suppliers should I consider?

You may have heard of the Big Six energy suppliers. As the name would suggest, they are the companies that own the largest share of the UK gas and electricity market.

These are EDF Energy, Scottish Power, npower, British Gas, Scottish and Southern Energy and E.ON.

The good news is that by using the comparison service offered by Business Electricity Prices, you can assess all the best deals these suppliers have to offer, leaving you paying less for your business electricity in no time.

Each supplier will have its own merits - for example, they might offer incentives for new customers, a 24-hour helpline or even have received awards for their customer service. The only way to know which is best for you is to sit down and take stock of your priorities.

One thing that many electricity suppliers have in common these days is that they strive to help businesses understand how energy efficient they are and where improvements can be made. As companies and their customers become increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint, this could prove invaluable when looking for a new contract.

More about the Big Six

EDF Energy prides itself on offering a UK-based customer service team, so you can be confident that your queries will be dealt with competently and efficiently.

If you are considering switching to Scottish Power, you will be able to take advantage of fixed-price electricity contracts, as well as the opportunity to manage your account online.

UK-based electricity supplier npower has the added benefit of giving you a dedicated account manager, who will help you meet your business electricity needs.

British Gas has a number of dedicated business electricity products, including fixed price one, two and three-year contracts that can help protect your company against any future price rises.

Scottish and Southern Energy - or SSE as it is sometimes known - provides both fixed-price and flexible contract options, so you can find the product best suited to your company's needs.

Lastly, E.ON aims to give you control over your budgeting by providing you with a unit rate for the duration of your contract.

Why should I use a comparison service?

Imagine if every time you wanted to switch electricity supplier, you had to go through the process of researching the best deals for yourself.

It is easy to waste hours scouring company websites, or phoning them up to ask what their best offers are. As any business owner knows, time is money, so anything that can give you a few extra hours in your day has to be a bonus.

All you have to do when using Business Electricity Prices is fill in an online form and we'll do the rest. It really is that simple. We can compare the market using the data you provide, which includes details of your current supplier and levels of consumption.

Our team will then be in touch via email and/or telephone to discuss the cheap business electricity quotes they have retrieved for you, before helping you on your way to switching to a better deal.

Find cheap business electricity today

So the only question is - what are you waiting for? Few businesses can afford to be paying too much for their electricity, so let our team hunt out the best deals and help your company reduce its outgoings sooner rather than later.

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RWE npower announces sale of subsidiaries to Utility Warehouse.

• Deal enhances competition in the domestic energy supply market; Npower Limited will sell Electricity Plus and Gas Plus subsidiaries to Telecom Plus by share sale for £218m• On completion, over 770,000 customer accounts will cease to be included by npower within its reported customer numbers. However, these customers will see no change in their service or contracts, and will continue to be sup

20th November 2013