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Business Electricity Smart Meters

Business Electricity Smart Meters

The government has said that by the end of 2020 all households in Britain will have a smart meter.

Smart meters are meters that measure the consumption of electricity and gas in a new way.

Around the world countries are cutting down their energy usage, and the same is happening in Britain. With the building of sustainable power sources such as wind farms and hydro power on a big scale and the introduction of smart meters on a small scale helps each household and each business to contribute to making the world more environmentally friendly.

Old meters gave estimated readings and this is what bills were based on. However, these new smart meters provide data on energy consumption that is accurate and about energy that is actually used. Bills will be formed from these accurate readings. This will see the end of estimated bills and is a way to allow customers to pay for electricity and gas that they actually use. The data received by suppliers can help them to understand their customers better allow them to improve their services. It can also help the way people and businesses use their energy. Consumers can also monitor the energy they use. Both suppliers and consumers can then find ways to become more energy efficient.

The meters will provide consumer information in real time as the energy is consumed.

Smart meters allow us all to get a better understanding of how energy is consumed and the way we use it. Patterns of energy consumption can be spotted such as peak times of energy use and we can all take the right actions in order to be wiser and more frugal with the way we use or energy. Smart meters could help you to save money.

Smart meters are user friendly; they have a screen which shows you how much energy you are using and how much it is costing you. They can even show you how much energy you are using by using appliances or not switching things off. When you can physically see how much things like this cost, it can help to encourage you to think about switching computers off, turning lights off when leaving rooms, and switching off phone chargers. Making small changes like this can eventually make a big difference as it is things like this that add up and cause high costs unnecessarily.

Smart meters give consumers more control and help suppliers and consumers to focus on their responsibilities to be energy efficient in order to be greener for a more sustainable future. They are more accurate than the estimated meters that have been used in the past and can help consumers to save money and energy.

Millions of smart meters have already been installed and the number is still rising. Suppliers have dedicated teams for maintenance and support teams to help customers to make the use of these meters as simple and as hassle free as possible. Suppliers all over the country provide smart meters, like British Gas and Southern Electric.

Smart meters allow you to see the energy you are using and how much it is costing you, this allows you to see how the changes you make reduce your energy costs, so you know that the things you do are effective and do help you to save money.

The introduction of smart meters also means that meters do not need to be read manually as the data is sent automatically to your energy supplier and there is no need to send off meter readings. Smart meters make life easier for both parties and help us all to make savings.

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RWE npower announces sale of subsidiaries to Utility Warehouse.

• Deal enhances competition in the domestic energy supply market; Npower Limited will sell Electricity Plus and Gas Plus subsidiaries to Telecom Plus by share sale for £218m• On completion, over 770,000 customer accounts will cease to be included by npower within its reported customer numbers. However, these customers will see no change in their service or contracts, and will continue to be sup

20th November 2013