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There are host of major energy suppliers and it is not always easy to tell immediately which one is the best supplier for your business. The key is to stay informed with up-to-date information and shop around. In order to guarantee that your business receives the best possible electricity prices you may ultimately need to switch energy supplier.

The benefit of using businesselectricityprices.com is that you instantly have access to a wide range of suppliers, whose lowest tariffs you can compare. Simply use our straightforward online form to receive a simple, free, no-obligation quote that will show you the best low cost business electricity prices. It’s a stress-free, no hassle way to ensure that you can find the best supplier for your business.

To work out whether you need to switch energy supplier, you will need to look at some of the main suppliers of electricity to businesses on the market. Of course, assessing the current tariffs on offer with each is the key to knowing whether or not to switch. In addition to the various rates charged, each energy company offers different types of energy products to businesses of varying sizes, so it is worth having a look at each. They include:

British Gas – This huge supplier to over 900,000 businesses offers fixed rate contracts to help insulate your business from the fluctuations of an ever-changing market. They are very competitive and also have a great support infrastructure with teams on hand to attend to customers all over the UK. There are also discounts for online accounts and direct debit payments. They also offer dedicated account managers and will handle the switching for you.

EDF – EDF is now one of the largest suppliers on the market. The largest producer of low carbon electricity, they offer special business rates. Small to medium sized business can choose from a ‘Business Electricity Saver ’ contract or a ‘ Business Electricity Renewable ’ contract, which is free from the Climate change Levy. There are flexible rates for larger businesses too and a 2% discount is offered for paying by direct debit.

E.ON – E.ON is a leading supplier, powering over 500,000 businesses with their electricity and gas. They offer contracts of up to 3 years with fixed rates for electricity and can offer flexible start and end dates to suit your business. There is also an EasyGreen Tariff, supplying a mix of renewable and non-renewable energy.

Npower – A leading supplier of energy to over 10,000 businesses, they offer 1, 2 and 3-year contracts with fixed tariffs or multi-rate tariffs based on consumption and your portfolio. Their PowerFix product keeps business safe from market fluctuations, while SmartStart enables business customers to reduce their energy consumption and their e3 scheme is designed to help cut both bills and carbon emissions by up to 20%.

Scottish Power – A major supplier to domestic households and over 200,000 business customers. They offer small businesses fixed price long or short-term contracts as required, with discounts for direct debit payments. Larger business can benefit from tailored contracts, plus Green Source renewable energy. They also have access to the services of an energy manager to help ensure their most efficient use of energy.

Scottish and Southern Energy – They supply over 500,000 businesses and over contracts ranging from 12 to 36 months in length. There are fixed rate contracts suitable for small business Flexible Supply Contract large companies. They also offer a Business Energy Siteworks team to assist with infrastructure issues.

If you feel that your business may benefit if you switch energy supplier, simply enter your details into our quick and easy online form. We will then instantly compare the whole market for you and return the best possible quote. It could not be simpler to find out the most competitive tariffs on the market and establish which energy supplier is best suited to the needs of your particular business.

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RWE npower announces sale of subsidiaries to Utility Warehouse.

• Deal enhances competition in the domestic energy supply market; Npower Limited will sell Electricity Plus and Gas Plus subsidiaries to Telecom Plus by share sale for £218m• On completion, over 770,000 customer accounts will cease to be included by npower within its reported customer numbers. However, these customers will see no change in their service or contracts, and will continue to be sup

20th November 2013